Feb 2019: Burial Demonstration prepared by Nelson Muslim Community in Cooperation with Nelson City Council and Nelmac

Getting Burried as a Muslim in Nelson, New Zealand

In February 2019, Nelson City Council was guided by the Nelson Muslim Community has been trained on how to dig, and prepare a Muslim Burial Site using the "Shaq" method. The beam has been successfully laid, so that the deceased is facing the Qibla once placed on his right side on the grave.

Nelson and Blenheim City Councils have kindly attended the burial demonstration and agreed to try to accommodate for Muslim burials as soon as possible, even if it might happen on a weekend. 

The Ghusl (washing) and Takfeen (Shrouding) will be happening in Nelson, before the body is taken to the Mardsen Valley Cemetery for prayer and burial. The grave is prepared by Nelmac, and council staff as per the Islamic Law, yet the burial and backfilling of the grave is performed by members of the Muslim Community in Nelson.


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